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Multi Channel - Multi Profile Streamer designed for broadcast quality playback and 24/7 operation

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Marsis Streamer

Multi-Channel Streaming

Marsis streamer is a multi-channel streaming software. You can run up to 8 streaming channel on a single server. Each channel can stream from single source to different destinations such as Facebook, Youtube or any CDN like servers like Marsis Cloud CDN, Wowza, Adobe Media Server etc...

Marsis Streamer Multi Channel

Multi-Protocol Support

Marsis Streamer supports most popular streaming protocols including RTMP, HLS, UDP (DVB Compatible), SRT, NDI®️, IIS etc. You can get the stream out from a single source to different destinations at the same time.

Marsis Streamer Multi Format

Standalone or Playout / CG Add On

Marsis Streamer can be Standalone or Add on module to Playout or CG which allows you to stream clean or branded output. No extra video card needed when used with Playout - CG. Streamer can get virtual input and encode to multiple platforms at the same time.

Marsis Streamer Playout / CG Add-on

Professional Video Input Support

Marsis Streamer supports professional video cards such as Bluefish444, AJA, Blackmagic Decklink. You can use NDI®️ , DirectShow Devices (Webcams etc.), Video Files, IP Inputs (UDP, RTMP, HLS, SRT, HTTP etc.) as a source.

Marsis Streamer Video Inputs


Multi Format

Standalone or Server-Client design offers reliable and flexible channel management with desktop and web client interfaces.

Multi Channel

Marsis Streamer can be run as 8 independent channels in Single Workstation.

Social Media Streaming

Live Streaming to Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram all at the same time.

Multi Inputs

Inputs can be SDI input or IP Stream RTMP / UDP / NDI®. Even URL playback from YouTube is supported.

Input Cards: (Bluefish444, AJA, Blackmagic)

DirectShow Devices (Webcams etc...)

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