Broadcast Solutions

Marsis offers fast, user friendly, powerful, low maintenance - high availability solutions for Broadcasters. Providing from channel in a box to multi channel playout, graphics, recording as well as multi tenant, cross platform Newsroom & MAM, Streaming, Cloud and VOD solutions.

Marsis Playout

Cloud Solutions

Marsis Cloud services including Playout - Graphics - Streaming for start up, web or regular channels. Also as secondary service for Occasional Use, Disaster Recovery or Remote Playout applications. Cloud services have online storage, Live Streaming, Video On Demand and E -learning.

Marsis CG


Marsis has right tools for Government facilities. Relible and secure managed Playout - Graphics - News Media Asset Management systems. Any government facility like City Channels, Institutions, Police or Military can use Marsis products.

Marsis Newsroom


Marsis covers all aspects of Education and E-learning systems. Media management, Classroom Lecture Capture, Distant learning with online and cloud publishing already in place at several universities.

Marsis MAM

Worship Technologies

Spread the word of God using Marsis solutions. Linear Channel, Streaming platform, Video on Demand. Marsis also helping house of worship collecting donations and providing sustainable income.

Marsis Ingest

Pro AV Solutions

Marsis solutions are perfect fit for Pro A/V applications like Multi Channel Recording, Live Streaming, Video Playback, Events, Gatherings and Social media video productions.

Marsis CG

Custom Development

Marsis can be customer tailored to your needs with extra development. Any special feature request can be fulfilled with our in house development & project team.

Marsis Ingest
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