OTT - IPTV - VOD Platform

Have your own platform like YouTube, HULU, or Netflix...

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OTT - IPTV - VOD Platform

Start your own OTT / IPTV Service

Start your own OTT Platform powered by Marsis VOD and Live streaming solutions. Create a custom OTT app, device, or even a setup box for your digital platform.

OTT - IPTV - VOD Platform

How does it works?

Create your VOD channel, upload your contents and let your viewers to watch your videos. You could also monetize your contents by creating payment plans.

OTT - IPTV - VOD Platform

Simple IPTV Setup

Marsis offers a complete solution from Linear Channel, Live Stream, or Video On Demand with all features you will need like subscription and pay per view.

OTT - IPTV - VOD Platform

Corporate - Custom Platform

Just upload your content and have your own white label customized Video on demand or OTT platform. Hotels, companies, education facilities, hospitals and more application areas.

OTT - IPTV - VOD Platform

Custom Apps

We can develop custom IOS and Android apps for your IPTV / VOD platform. All integrated complete solution from Marsis.

OTT - IPTV - VOD Platform

Realtime Analytics

Marsis provides a real-time analytics panel so you can see your viewer's region, total hit, and more information. This data will allow you to shape your content and see results on your target audience.

OTT - IPTV - VOD Platform


With our platform, you can monetize your content. Simply adding commercials at the beginning or in the middle of your stream will create revenue. Also its possible to use our VOD service and offer pay per view or a subscription using our own payment gateway or Marsis payment collection solution.

OTT - IPTV - VOD Platform


Plan VOD 1 TB VOD 2 TB VOD 5 TB VOD 10 TB VOD 100 TB
CDN Bandwidth 1TB 2TB 5TB 10TB 100TB
Content Storage 250GB 500GB 1TB 2TB 5TB
24/7 Live Streaming
Multi Bitrate Supported
Browser & Mobile Player Support
Unlimited Concurrent Viewers
Price (Monthly) $30 $55 $125 $200 $1,500

Note: Your streaming will be stopped once you exceed your bandwidth limit. If you enable auto payment, you will be charged $30 per each additional TB. You will also be charged $10 per each additional 250GB storage usage.

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