Marsis Stream Multiplier

Single source to multi-platform streaming solution.

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Marsis Stream Multiplier

One Stream To Multiple Platforms

You need to stream to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch etc. at the same time but you don't have enough internet upload speed. Don't worry! Marsis Stream Multiplier is a cloud based multi streaming service. It's easy to use and affordable pricing.

Live Event & 24/7 Streaming

How does it works?

Using Marsis Stream Multiplier is very easy. Sign up on cloud services, choose the right plan, and pay with a credit card or PayPal account. We will provide you our media server's URL and Key. Then you could add multiple social platform and Media Servers as a target destination. Once you start streaming, our media server starts streaming all targets you defined at the same time.

Live Event & 24/7 Streaming

No computer upgrade needed

You want to send your live stream to multiple destinations but your computer is not powerful enough, no problem. Just send your stream to Marsis stream multiplier and we will restream on popular other platforms.

Live Event & 24/7 Streaming

No extra bandwidth required

Streaming to multiple destinations requires high internet speed but when you use stream multiplier, your standard internet bandwidth will be enough to send a single stream to Marsis cloud restreaming. Just send it once and we will do the rest for you.

Live Event & 24/7 Streaming


Plan Live Streaming 1 TB Live Streaming 2 TB Live Streaming 3 TB Live Streaming 5 TB
Bandwidth 1TB 2TB 3TB 5TB
Unlimited Stream Destination
24/7 Live Streaming
Compatible with Marsis, OBS, Vmix, Wirecast etc.
Any Resolution (8K, 4K, HD, SD)
No Max. Bitrate Limit
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