Marsis Ingest

Multi-Purpose Video Ingest Solution designed for broadcast quality playback and 24/7 operation

Marsis Playout Automation Software

Multi-Channel Operation

Marsis Ingest can record from HD SDI / SDI or IP sources. Each channel can be configured individually for different input type. Each encoder name can be assigned for multi-channel recordings such as CAM 1, CAM 2, CAM 3 or Sports Channel, News Channel etc. Marsis Ingest recording manually for crash record or recordings can be pre-programmed in the advanced scheduler.

Marsis Ingest Multi Channel Recorder

Multi-Format Support

Marsis Ingest has wide range of recording format support. Majority of broadcast codecs and wrappers are included in the Ingest. Apple Prores, AVI, Mpeg, H.264(Mp4), HEVC, MOV, DV, MXF, GXF, DNxHD, MKV. FLV, WMV etc. Custom recording presets can be added as house format so operators can select from the list.

Marsis Ingest Supports Multi-Format Recording

Advanced Scheduler

Marsis Ingest have built in Scheduler for event based recordings. Operators can make a recording list for each channel individually. These scheduled events can be Hourly for News Agency feeds. For example at the beginning of each hour ingest can record five minutes and stop automatically. Another application is Daily / Weekly recording events for capturing Episode based programs. Marsis Ingest can also define task period for special events.

Marsis Ingest Advanced Scheduler

Hardware Encoding

Marsis Ingest supports Intel Quick Sync, NVENC (cuda) and AMD AMF hardware encoding in H.264 and HEVC formats. This allows recording 8 full HD Channels in single CPU based system with proper graphics card.

Marsis Ingest Hardware Encoding Support

Web Control

Marsis Ingest can be controlled from web browser. User can log in remotely and preview incoming video source. Recording can be start - stop - split from web interface.

Marsis Ingest Web Browser Control

Overlay Text and Watermark

Marsis Ingest can overlay text or image for compliance recording applications. Ingest can burn date and time or image as watermark on the input source whether SDI baseband video or incoming IP stream.

Marsis Ingest Web Browser Control


Multi Format

Multiple popular broadcast and multimedia formats / codecs can be recorded.

Multi Channel

8 Channel capture in SD / HD / 4K resolutions.

Multi Preset

Ability to record 3 different preset from the single input source.


Inputs can be SDI input or IP Stream RTMP / UDP / NDI® / SRT. Even URL playback from YouTube is supported.

Input Cards: (Bluefish444, AJA, Blackmagic)

DirectShow Devices (Webcams etc...)

Built in Scheduler

Built-in Advanced Scheduler makes recordings easy and unattended.

Time & Date Overlay

Ingest has date and time overlay for compliance recordings.

24/7 Recording

Designed for 24/7 uninterrupted capture with automatic file split.

Audio Monitoring

The system has selectable audio monitoring for the audio preview.

Hardware Encoding

Ingest supports Intel Quick Sync, NVENC (CUDA) and AMD AMF encoding in H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) formats.

Web Client

Operators can preview incoming feed and control ingest over web client.

Local Storage Recording

Marsis Ingest can record directly to central storage and local storage at the same time.

Integrated Automation

Ingest events can be triggered by Marsis Playout and works integrated with Marsis Media Asset Management system.

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