Broadcast Software

Marsis Playout Automation Software

Marsis Playout

Marsis Playout can be used as a standalone unit or database driven workflow automation product in Master Control, Studio, News production or web TV applications.
Marsis CG & Channel Branding Software

Marsis CG

Marsis CG is an easy to use and powerful unlimited layer Graphics Engine designed for TV Channels, Info Screens, Digital Signage applications and more.
Marsis NRCS (Newsroom Computer System)

Marsis Newsroom

Marsis Newsroom is a new generation high-end flexible newsroom computer system designed to meet today's complex news workflows.
Marsis Media Asset Management System

Marsis MAM

Marsis MAM is a powerful asset management system that can serve hundreds of people on the web interface. Marsis MAM supports almost all known broadcast and non-broadcast formats-codecs.
Marsis Ingest Recording Software

Marsis Ingest

Marsis Ingest is multi-channel and multi-profile recording solution with IP and Video inputs. Ingest can record up to 8 channels in a single workstation in certain codecs.
Marsis Streamer

Marsis Streamer

Multi-Profile encoder with supported formats UDP, SRT, RTMP, and HTTP. Streamer can also do format conversion, accept PAL from SDI and stream in NTSC frame rate with on the fly conversion.
Marsis Channel In A Box Software

Marsis Channel In a Box

Marsis Channel In A Box Software Package has everything you need for Automated Playout, Graphics Overlay, Ingest and Streaming with simple, easy to use, drag-and-drop interface.
Marsis VideoMixo Live Video Streaming Software

Marsis VideoMixo

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