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Marsis VideoMixo

Key Features

  • 4K, HD, SD, (SDI, IP, NDI®) Inputs and Outputs
  • Playout: Multi-Format video files in single Playlist
  • Advanced Graphics: Logo, Tickers, Lower thirds etc.
  • Multi-Channel capture with popular recording formats
  • Audio Mixer: Independent control and microphone-in
  • Compositions For More Magnificent Screen Designs
  • Picture in Picture up to 10 remote guests in single screen
  • Live Streaming (Facebook, Youtube, Twitch...)
  • Video Card Support (Bluefish444, AJA, Blackmagic...)
  • Closed Captioning, Slow-Motion Features and more...
Marsis VideoMixo

Live Production Video Switcher

Marsis VideoMixo offers high quality switching from multiple sources with unlimited input support. VideoMixo allows switching seamlessly between SDI / HDMI / IP and NDI® sources at the same time. Connect any camera or a device like Studio Camera, Camcorder, PTZ cameras with SDI or NDI outputs. Marsis Call in for remote guests in Multi-view uses only 1 input in the switcher. Professional smooth switching with various type of transitions like Cut, Fade, Pixelate, Slide, Inset, Spiral, Iris, Gradient Wipe, Radial Wipe, Random Dissolve, Random Bars

Marsis VideoMixo Live Production Switcher

Advanced TV Channel Graphics

Real broadcast-quality graphics powered by Marsis CG. Unlimited overlay channels with several objects and effects.

Play graphics on Live / IP / NDI sources and playout channels. Design multi-view preset compositions easily within the advanced CG designer. You can easily add and edit real-time graphics with image, text, crawl text, roll text, tickers, clock, counter, animation (TGA, PNG, Sequences), video, shape elements on your screen.

Preview titles and graphics before playing on air.

Marsis VideoMixo Advanced TV Channel Graphics

Broadcast Playout

Marsis VideoMixo Playout can play your video files back to back in your playlist. Make, save, and load playlists. You can see the start time of the videos.

Playout supports almost all known video formats and codecs such as AVI, MPEG(PS/TS), H264/MPEG-4-AVC, HEVC(H265), MOV, Quicktime, MJPEG, DV, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO, XDCAM, MXF, GXF, LXF, MKV, FLV, WMV/ASF, ProRes, 3GPP, Divx, Xvid, F4V, Sorenson, etc...

Marsis VideoMixo Broadcast Playout

Multi-Channel Recorder

Multi-channel recorder gives the option to choose capture Program output or ISO channel cameras, sources. The recorder has a wide range of file format support.

The majority of broadcast codecs and wrappers such as Apple Prores, AVI, Mpeg, H.264(Mp4), HEVC, MOV, DV, MXF, GXF, MKV, WMV, etc. are included in the capture module. Custom recording presets can be added as house format so operators can select from the list. In recorder, it's possible to play files being recorded or pause/split capture during live recording.

Marsis VideoMixo Recorder


Simultaneous streaming directly to most popular platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, etc. and distribution servers like Wowza or similar. Streaming to CDN providers like Akamai, Dacast, Lightcast, and Marsis CDN, etc...

Marsis VideoMixo Streaming

Audio Mixer

Built-in Audio Mixer allows you to control your audio channel levels individually. You can control audio channels manually or automate them by enabling the AFV(Audio Follow Video) option. External microphones can be added in the audio mix.

Marsis VideoMixo Audio Mixer


Digital video effects “DVE” in Videomixo lets you position, resize, and scale live video in real-time. You can create broadcast-style picture in picture effects with customizable borders and backgrounds. Compositions can do a picture in picture effect to superimpose a presenter covering events such as sports, training videos, interviews, and even gaming competitions. Also, it's possible to make multi-view 2-4-6-8 people in the same single screen with animated backgroud and title displays.

Marsis VideoMixo Compositions (DVE, PIP)

Chroma Key

Broadcast quality chroma keying module allow you to create amazing scenes. You can easily key out any color backgrounds and combine your keyed input with other inputs in a composition.

Marsis VideoMixo Chroma Key

Marsis Call-in (Coming Soon)

Marsis Call-in is the easiest way to get your remote guests into your live shows. You can simply generate your Marsis Call-in URL. Share them with your remote guests. All they need to do is; click on link via their web browser and they are ON-AIR!!!

Marsis VideoMixo Call-in


Supported Inputs

Capture Cards (Bluefish444, AJA, Blackmagic)



DirectShow Devices (Webcams etc...)

Video Files

Audio Files

Color Bars & Colors

External Audio (Sound cards etc...)

Video Files

Supported Outputs

Video Cards (Bluefish444, AJA, Blackmagic)



DirectShow (Virtual Device)

Secondary Preview


4K-DCI 4096x2160

4K-UHD 3840x2160

2K-HDYC 2048x1556

2K-DCI 2048x1080

HD-1080 1920x1080

HD-720 1280x720

SD-PAL 720x576

SD-NTSC 720x480

Progressive and Interlaced

FPS: 60/59.94/50/30/29.97/25/24/23.98

Supported Formats

AVI, MPEG(PS/TS), H264/MPEG-4-AVC, HEVC(H265), MOV, Quicktime, MJPEG, DV, AVC-Intra, DVCPRO, XDCAM, DNxHD, MXF, GXF, LXF, MKV, FLV, WMV/ASF, ProRes, 3GPP, Divx, Xvid, F4V, Sorenson, JPG, PNG , BMP, AAC, ATSC A/52A (AC-3), ATSC A/52 E-AC-3, FLAC, MP2, MP3, ALAC, Ogg Vorbis, Wav, ADPCM etc...


Features VideoMixo HD VideoMixo 4K VideoMixo Pro
Maximum Resolution 1920x1080 4096x2160 4096x2160
Total Inputs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Total Outputs 5 5 5
Recorder 1 2 2
Marsis Call-in 1 2 10
Secondary Preview 1 2 Unlimited
Compositions 1 2 Unlimited
Player With Playlist
Title Manager
Live Streaming
Audio Mixer
Chroma Key
Professional Card Support (Bluefish444, AJA, Blackmagic)
Media Trimmer
Basic (In/Out Tail-Cut) Pro (In/Out Tail-Cut, Split)
Play While Recording
Closed Captioning
External Control Panel
Recommended Hardware
  • Intel Core i7-10700K or i7-9700K CPU
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660
  • 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4
  • Samsung 850 EVO 500G SSD
  • Windows 10
  • Intel Core i9 10900X or 9900X
  • GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming
  • 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4
  • Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 1TB SSD
  • Windows 10
  • Intel Core i9 10900X or 9900X
  • GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Gaming
  • 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4
  • Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 1TB SSD
  • Windows 10
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