Marsis Channel In A Box

Software Package has everything you need! Automated Playout, Graphic Overlay, Ingest and Streaming

Marsis Channel In A Box Package
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Marsis Channel In A Box

Marsis Playout

Marsis Playout has all Automation features like Overlap, Gap, Secondary Events, IP & SDI Live Inputs, CG Events, Rule-based CG overlay, Video Resize and more. Playout also has multiple SDI Clean and Branded outputs as well as NDI®️. Built-in Media Trimmer allows creating segments for Ad Insertion.

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Marsis Playout Automation Software

Marsis CG & Channel Branding

Marsis Title Manager CG is an easy to use and powerful unlimited layer Graphics Engine designed for TV Channels, Info Screens, Digital Signage applications and more. Integrated with Marsis Playout for secondary events. Title Manager can be used for Bulletin Boards, Automatic Singer / Song name, Lower Thirds and L-Shape Graphics with Video Resize.

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Marsis CG & Channel Branding Software

Marsis Ingest

Marsis Ingest is a multi-profile recording solution with IP and Video inputs. Ingest can create 3 different file types from a single source. Built-in scheduler allows users to Capture Live or Feeds at the specific time totally unattended.

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Marsis Ingest Software

Marsis Streamer

Marsis Streamer can access Playout or Title Manager CG output virtually without the video card. Streamer can deliver RTMP with Standard License and UDP stream with Pro License. Facebook, YouTube streaming is also supported with extra channel license.

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Marsis Streaming Software

Marsis Scheduler

Marsis Playout comes with separate Scheduler. The system can resolve complex Overlap and Gaps with internal calculations based on events, video duration, and playlist rules. Marsis Scheduler allows users to make a playlist for future days and events in advance.

Marsis Scheduler
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